IT Innovation

DVP Infra applies best of IT Application which helps to increase productivity, Safety and Quality.
This includes Drone ,CCTV Monitoring, Centralized monitoring through inhouse build Reporting system.

i)Innovation Focused Drone Monitoring System

Drones and CCTV applications are new technologies, with the help of these we can implement project effectively, improve safety and control project costs. Drones monitor and cameras at site helps us to give safety hazards, compute volume metric calculation and keep leakage under check.

ii)Centralized Project Monitoring Mechanism

DVP Infra has build it’s own Centralized Project monitoring reporting Structure.
This helps Ease of rolling out standards, Ability to rotate resources to different areas and consistency of work.

iii)GPS Monitoring

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is used to track machine life, fuel usage, and consumables. The technology also provides mapping and replays vehicle location history with real time alerts and notifications With the help of this Technology ,DVP is able to guide Drivers and Operators on the right path which ultimately enabling fuel savings, efficiency and Safety.